2013 Contact Improvisation Classes with Teresa Smith

Contact Improvisation is a playful exploration of how the body moves through its own intelligence and how two or more bodies in contact with each other can dance together, responsive to touch, weight, momentum and curiosity. 

Teresa Smith During the past 25 yrs my improvisational movement practice has nurtured me through various stages of life; performing internationally with post-modern choreographers, presenting my choreographic work, teaching, and dancing in the living room while raising children. I bring to my teaching a warm appreciation of each person's potential and I delight in the exchange of creativity found in the CI community.

January 6, 2013, 4-6 PM
Contact Improv: Engaging the Heart through the Physics of Movement
Physical meditations, inspired collaborations and heartfelt jamming!

February 10, 4-6 PM
Contact Improvisation FUNdamentals
In class you’ll learn classic CI movement vocabulary and skills that will help you enter safely and gracefully into this vibrant movement community.  While FUNdamentals is designed to be accessible to the absolute beginner we will also address the interests of experienced dancers.

March 10, 4-6 PM
Contact Improvisation: Games and Score for Embodied Creativity
We'll use movement scores (games) to develop our creative potential.  A yummy warm-up and plenty of time for in-depth individual, duet and group dancing included! 

April 7, 5-7 PM
Contact Connections
From a meditative exploration of connective tissue we’ll move into connecting physically, energetically, emotionally and creatively.

May 5, 5-7 PM
Weight and Breath in Contact Improvisation