Dance Everywhere: Improvisation in Contact with the Environment with Teresa Smith and Rose Oceania 5/19/13 Sunday 5-7 pm at MaMA, 3588 Main Street, Stone Ridge, NY

Come dance and create inside and outdoors! We'll use the fire-circle, hillside, gardens, cafe, stairwells and studio at MaMA! Cameras, costumes and everyone over 14 yrs. encouraged to attend!

Connect to the environment of your body and the body of your environment through the practice of movement improvisation. Learn to see and create spontaneous composition. Then, inspired by environmental art, flash mobs and performance art we’ll adventure outside to create dances that interact with the world. Through the practice of site-specific dance you'll transform your imagination into action, move with joy of connection and gain confidence in your creative ability.

Rose Oceania performs and co-directs with Zany Angels dance theater and with Zamboni (Hudson Valley dance/music improvisation artists). She has been practicing, performing and teaching dance improvisation and performance to kids and adults for over 20 years. Rose is committed to empowering people to tap their own unique sense of creative expression within an organic approach to learning the elements of dance and artistic thinking. She is also a life coach/counselor, expressive arts specialist to both children and adults,as well as a certified yoga teacher and a visual artist.

Teresa Smith has choreographed and performed site specific dance and performance art in fields and forests, in a cabin filled with feathers, on a bicycle, in a large stone fireplace, hanging upside down 30 ft over the audience, in night clubs, store windows, museums, theaters and in the middle of Times Square! Currently she collaborates with Zamboni Improv/Performance. Teresa has a graduate degree in choreography, a B.A. in dance anthropology and teacher certification in Dance Meditation and yoga. She brings to her teaching a warm appreciation of each person's potential and delights in awakening creative confidence.