July 2022   A lot has happened since I last updated this website. My Earthbody work has developed and deepened in rivers, caves, fields, by the ocean, in galleries and other non-traditional spaces. The Covid-19 pandemic caused a shift to dancing alone and online for a while, a time of contemplating internal spaces and threads of electronic connection. Family, the passing of elders (my parents and some important mentors), and the developing needs of my kids took precedence and became my primary dance (and I found a new love for creating with clay). Yet, as always, moving with consciousness and curiosity has remained a daily joy and support.

All this germinating and experiencing feels finally ready to blossom again. I've returned to a deep study of two dance forms close to my heart, Skinner Releasing and Open Source Forms, the fruits of which which I look forward to sharing in the near future. And I am excited about some new performance work ready to burst forth! Stay tuned for performance and class offerings, and let me know if you are interested in participating or bringing the Earthbody dance work to your community. w/love ~ Teresa