New Earthbody Events! Classes, Jams, Creative Peer Gatherings!

   Connect to the environment of your body and the body of your environment through the practice of movement improvisation and spontaneous performance.   Utilizing authentic movement, choreographic map-making and photographic documentation you'll transform imagination into action, move with the joy of connection and gain confidence in your creative abilities.

Earthbody Events are one of a kind!  Created to inspire and connect each group of participants; beginners and skilled performers, students, kids, elders, artists and audience with their natural world.

Your Earthbody guide & workshop leader is Teresa Smith,
accompanied by guest collaborators in music, art, dance, photography, poetry and nature guiding. 

For information on upcoming workshops and performances or to schedule an event near you please contact (click here)

  "Recently I've concentrated my environmental dance work on guerilla type performances and teaching workshops in evocative natural surroundings.  In 2013-2015 Earthbody events and classes have taken place at the streams and waterfalls, on the rocks and in the woods, in state parks and in backyards in NY, NH, ME, CT and Puerto Rico.  I've been making site-specific dance and performance art for over 30 years. I've performed in fields and forests, in a cabin filled with feathers, on a bicycle, in a large stone fireplace, hanging upside down 30 ft over the audience, in night clubs, store windows, museums, theaters and in the middle of Times Square!  I bring to my teaching a warm appreciation of each person's potential and delight in awakening creative confidence." ~T.Smith