Earthbody Performance and Art ~ Summer 2015

Earthbody Performances   July 18 (6pm) and July 19 (12pm)
Upper Awosting Falls,  Minnewaska State Park, New Paltz, NY
A member of our company will Meet audience members At the Head of the Upper Awosting Falls Trail  (Lf side of road 500 ft past main park entrance both) and 'guide' you through the site-specific performance.  Look for the person holding up a tall stick with a green gauze streamer.     Questions: Earthbody Info
May - July 2015 ~ Work in Progress at Awosting Falls, NY
Come see the creativity unfolding in original environmental dances. Our rehearsals are mini flash performances.  We are dancing on the earth at this location Mon-Sun. Catch us if you can!

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Regularly updated with photos, blogs and poetry from our rehearsal process.  If you happen to catch us in rehearsal at Awosting Falls, and you want to connect please send comments and photos to this page Earthbody.

July 18 - 19, 2015 ~ Earthbody Awosting Falls Performances

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I'm delighted to be creating interdisciplinary earth-art based in dance and arising out of spontaneous, intimate conversation with the environment. An adventure in listening, envisioning and directing for me. Currently embodied with dancers  Bea Ehrsam, Emily Feit, D. Hobbit,  David Raponi, Leah Siepel, Meagan Shapiro and Ophra Wolf.