Sufi Whirling and Creative Meditation Workshop

with Teresa Smith

 Sunday November  3 ,  4 - 6 pm  

Upstairs Studio at MaMA

3588 Main Street, Stone Ridge, NY

$ 15 (some scholarships available)

This wksp is designed as an introduction to Sufi Whirling Meditation. The class will cover techniques for whirling, an chakra-opening warm-up and plenty of time for meditative and ecstatic whirling in community, accompanied by beautiful, centering music. To conclude the evening we will meditate / write / create visual artwork and share our experiences. (All are welcome. Please wear loose comfortable clothing, whirling skirts over leggings optional.  Bring socks for whirling, and water to drink.) 

Teresa Smith is a certified Dance Meditation teacher and long time Sufi dance practitioner.  As an internationally seasoned modern dance choreographer and teacher she integrates knowledge of experiential anatomy, Skinner Releasing, Transpersonal Breathwork and yoga in her classes.  She brings to her teaching a warm appreciation of each person’s potential and delights in awakening the creative spirit.